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Cars are expensive pieces of machinery, and you’ve probably invested a lot of your hard earned money into it. When the lock on your car door stops working, it can spell trouble for you – your car is much easier for thieves or vandals to access than before. Also, any valuable inside it – like leather seats, the stereo, and other items you keep in it – become easy prey for thieves. It’s important that you get your car lock fixed or replaced as soon as possible. A good professional locksmith should be able to fix your lock in a handful of minutes. If you’re based in the Memphis, TN region, you can contact Locksmith Master Shop for help. 


Have you been locked out of your car?

If you’ve lost your keys or left the keys in your car and closed the door on them, Locksmith Master Shop can help. Our locksmiths can get your car door open in quick time with the help of our advanced tools, without causing damage to your door or lock. We are familiar with all car models and makes. 

We make all type of car keys:Locksmith Master Shop Memphis, TN 901-430-9029

Car keys are difficult to make – you need special machinery to make transponder keys, for example. Transponder keys have a special chip on them that has to be programmed by a special computer. If your car doesn’t recognize the chip – and it won’t if your key isn’t programmed correctly – then it won’t start. Locksmith Master Shop can make you new car keys on site, and reprogram your transponder key too, if necessary. We also replace lost transponder key fobs.

Ignition repair:

Has your ignition switch stopped working, or does it require too much force to turn? Locksmith Master Shop’s professional locksmiths can repair the switch or replace the ignition cylinder, if necessary. 

Lock upgrade:

If your car is old, we can install new locks on it to make it harder for thieves to steal. We can also rekey the locks on your car doors – it’s much simpler than having the locks replaced. 

Trunk unlock

Did your trunk jam or have you lost the keys to it? Locksmith Master Shop can unlock it for you, and make you new keys for it. 

Broken key extraction

Locksmith Master Shop often gets calls from customers who break car keys inside the lock. Our locksmiths have the tools necessary to remove broken keys without damaging the mechanism of the lock. 

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