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We all need spare keys for our homes, cars, or commercial properties. Keys tend to get lost and it’s always a good idea to keep a back up on hand. Keys also get damaged and may get bent out of shape over time, due to regular wear and tear, accidents, or improper use. If you ever need a duplicate key made in the Memphis, TN region, don’t hesitate to contact Locksmith Master Shop. We are a professional copy key service and can make you new keys in a short span of time. We are a local locksmith that is known for its speedy and affordable services. 

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Locks are advanced devices that need precision engineered keys to be opened. If a key isn’t well made, for example, it can break in the lock or can damage your lock’s mechanism. Locksmith Master Shop’s locksmiths are trained professionals that are great at making duplicate keys. We use cutting-edge machines for the copy key procedure and always check our keys over for defects before handing them to you. 

Get car Keys made quickly:

Before transponder keys were invented, it was very easy to car thieves to hotwire and steal cars. Transponder keys – which practically every modern vehicle uses – are special keys with a computer programmed chip on them. The chip is capable of sending out a signal to your car – if the signal matches the ID code, your car’s immobilizer will be disabled. If it doesn’t match, your car won’t start. This prevents thieves from using duplicate keys to steal cars. 

However, if you ever lose a transponder key or break it, it can be a major pain to get it replaced. You have to wait for a long time to get new car keys from your car dealer – they take their sweet time about it and also charge you a lot of money. However, Locksmith Master Shop can make you new transponder keys (or reprogram your old ones) on your location. We have special high-tech machines fitted in our mobile locksmith vans that are capable of programming transponder chips. We can make laser-cut keys on request in a matter of minutes, at an affordable price to boot. 
Don’t think twice about calling us even if you need our copy key service in the middle of the night. We are a 24-hour emergency locksmith that can make new keys for your home, your business, and your car at any time. You can contact us on 901-430-9029.