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Did you forget the combination to the lock on your safe? It can be very difficult to get a safe open, depending on the model of the safe and how much time you have at your disposal. In some cases, it can take days for a professional locksmith to get a safe open without damaging it in any way. Most of the times, people can’t afford to wait that long. So what are you supposed to do? If you are located in the Memphis, TN area, just contact Locksmith Master Shop for help. Our professional locksmith team can pry or saw open your safe for you without damaging the contents in any way. Our emergency opening services also include unlocking stuck home doors, car doors, commercial building doors, file cabinets, trunks, mailboxes, garage doors, and desks. 

24/7 emergency opening service

Are you locked out of your home, but you really need to get in quickly because you need to get to work? You can just contact our emergency opening service for help. Our locksmiths will arrive at your location within 30 minutes, or even less many times, no matter where you are located in the Memphis, TN area. Our locksmiths are experienced professionals. They can get your door unlocked – no matter the make or model of the lock you have – in very quick time. 

What entails an effective emergency opening service?

It’s not easy to get a door unlocked. Locks are pretty complex mechanisms and, if you don’t have the right tools, you can end up damaging the door or the lock. Locksmith Master Shop has the technical expertise it takes, though, to unlock doors without causing any damage. We use professional locksmithing tools that allow us to open all kinds of mechanical and electronic locks in quick time. Our locksmiths are well-trained – we regularly give them educational material that helps them hone their locksmithing skills and helps them keep in touch with the advances in the locksmithing world. 

Our emergency opening services include:Locksmith Master Shop Memphis, TN 901-430-9029

  • File cabinet unlock
  • Home door unlock
  • Car door unlocked
  • Commercial doors unlocked
  • Trunk unlock
  • Safe opening
  • Emergency opening of locks

Apart from opening your door, we can also change the lock on it if required. We can make you new keys in a matter of minutes, too, if necessary. 

Dial 901-430-9029 to get Locksmith Master Shop’s reliable emergency opening service today!