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A typical business has a lot of valuable information to protect, including business documents, employee information, and client information. Even if businesses are increasingly digitizing everything, nothing can replace good old paper. Most businesses use file cabinets to keep their information organized. It’s important that your file cabinet has a good lock on it – it keeps out nosey employees and colleagues and can keep your information safe from thieves and vandals. Locksmith Master Shop is a commercial locksmith that offers its services to the Memphis, TN area. We can install new file cabinet locks for you, replace your old ones, or repair them if necessary. We have a reputation in the local community for providing fast services at a fair price.

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If you’re worried about the safety of your business data, you need to get a file cabinet lock. You can stop leaving out confidential files, business plans, and employee information in the open by keeping them in your file cabinet and have a lock installed on it. That way, you’ll rest easy knowing your important business data is safe from thieves and nosey coworkers. 

Choose from a wide range of locks

Locksmith Master Shop offers a range of file cabinet locks, suitable for all kinds of requirements. We have high-security electronic locks for businesses and low security push locks for the cabinet at home. You can choose something that gives you maximum security, or you can pick a lock that will keep your kids away from your work documents. 

File cabinet unlocking/locking/rekeying

Has your file cabinet lock jammed or the key is broken inside it? Locksmith Master Shop offers reliable unlocking services that are designed exactly for a situation like that. Our expert locksmiths will be sent to your business and we will attempt to repair your lock. We can also replace it with a new lock, rekey it (if the model supports the procedure), and extract a broken key from the mechanism. 

24-hour locksmith services

Do you need a file cabinet lock installed overnight, or urgently need us to help you open a jammed lock? Locksmith Master Shop runs a 24-hour emergency commercial locksmith service. We can reach your location in less than 30 minutes and resolve the problem quickly. We can also be contracted to work overnight to install locks on all your cabinets so we don’t interrupt the normal running of your business.

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