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Keys, just like everything else, will be subjected to wear and tear over time. Keys can get damaged, get bent out of shape or break altogether – because of incorrect use, because of faults in the lock’s mechanism or simply because they are old. Regardless of why your key has broken, though, you need to hire an experienced locksmith for help if it has gone and gotten stuck in the lock. Attempting a DIY extraction of a key that broke in your lock can backfire – you may end up jamming the key further or damage the lock. Professional locksmiths like Locksmith Master Shop carry tools that allow them to safely extract broken keys from locks without causing any damage to you property. Locksmith Master Shop has a solid reputation in the Memphis, TN community for providing broken key extraction services at an affordable price.  

What causes a key to break?Locksmith Master Shop Memphis, TN 901-430-9029

A key can break due to multiple reasons. We generally see keys break due to 

1)    Presence of ‘weak points’
Keys have grooves and indentations that form structural weak points in the design. Mechanical wear and tear along these weak points can cause the key to snap, especially after prolonged use.

2)    Use of light-weight materials
Some locksmiths use light-weight materials for making keys. While these keys are cheap, they aren’t very reliable. 

3)    Improperly fitted keys
Sometimes, keys may have minor faults in design that cause them to take more pressure than they are designed to take. This can cause them to break too. 

4)    Accidents and forceful use
Some people are negligent with how much pressure they apply to turn their key in the lock, which may cause it to snap. Some people also damage their keys by dropping them or banging them against hard surfaces. 

Key broke in lock? Call in the experts

Locksmith Master Shop is a mobile locksmith that you can count on to extract keys that have broken in your lock. We can send an expert team over to you to immediately remove keys from locks, be they fancy locks on your business property or regular locks on your home or car. We can reach most locations in less than 30 minutes, and are available to work 24/7. Our services are always reasonably priced. We can immediately replace your old keys with new ones, or replace your lock if necessary. 

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