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Being locked out of your car is almost a rite of passage – it’s happened to all of us at one time or another and seems to be unavoidable, no matter how careful we’re being. If you do end up locked out of your car, though, it’s important that you don’t get frustrated and maintain a cool head throughout. If you contact a professional locksmith service, they will be able to get you back inside your property in no time at all. If you’ve locked keys in car in Memphis, TN, you can contact Locksmith Master Shop for assistance! Our service is known locally for being speedy, efficient, reliably, and cost-effective – we will have you back inside your vehicle in no time at all. 

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If you’ve locked your keys in the car, you have a handful of options: you can try to forcefully enter your vehicle by breaking a window, call home if you have a set of spare keys, contact your car dealer for help, or call an expert locksmith. It’s always easiest to call home for new keys, but it’s not always possible or convenient when you’re far away from home. Breaking your window to get inside your car isn’t worth it, we assure you. You can always contact your dealer, but they tend to take their sweet time about responding to new car key requests. A decent professional locksmith will let you back inside your car in no time at all, and is almost always the best choice.

Retrieval VS new key creation

It is almost always possible to retrieve car keys that are locked in the vehicle without causing any damage to the lock or vehicle. Locksmith Master Shop’s locksmiths use modern tools that allow them to work the lock on the vehicle – no matter its make or model – with a minimum of fuss. 

Get new keys made on-the-spot

If you need new car keys – once we’ve retrieved locked keys from your car – we can make them for you in less than 30 minutes. Transponder keys are hard to make – they need precision engineering to be crafted and you also need a computer to program the chip they contain in them. Locksmith Master Shop has the equipment to do it on site, though. We can also reprogram your old transponder key, unlock locked trunks, and repair your ignition switch. 

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