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Locks are mechanical components that will fail eventually; no matter how well maintained they are. When the lock on your home door stops working, though, it can be a major headache and a security risk. If you live in the Memphis, TN area, you can head down to one of Locksmith Master Shop ’s residential locksmith shops to check for new locks. Apart from providing you with new residential locks, we also provide professional locksmithing services. We can fix your lock for you or replace it with a new lock you’ve chosen from our inventory. 

Widespread network across Memphis, TN

We maintain a residential locksmith shop network across Memphis, TN so that we’re always the locksmith nearest you in times of emergencies. If you ever need new keys made in a hurry, just come down to our shop and drop your keys off. We also have a number of mobile locksmith vans patrolling the area – we can provide doorstep service if you need us to, in case of emergencies. Locksmith Master Shop Memphis, TN 901-430-9029

Our residential locksmith shop – specialty:

  • Get expert help and advice from professional locksmiths
  • All shops are stocked with the latest equipment 
  • Huge collection of high-security locks 
  • We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • All kinds of keys made and replaced
  • A fair price for our products
  • We specialize in providing a fast service 
  • Onsite service, if required

The one-stop residential locksmith shop

We can provide all the locksmithing services you will ever need. Do you need new car keys made? Did you manage to get locked out of your commercial property? Is your safe not working and now needs to be sawed open? We can assist with all these scenarios, and more. We are an emergency locksmith service with fast response times. We handle most requests in a speedy and efficient manner, attempting to save you as much time as possible. Our locksmiths are all trained experts capable of identifying and working on a range of electronic and commercial locks. 

Has your area experienced a spate of break-ins recently? If you’re thinking of upgrading the security on your premises, Locksmith Master Shop offers free security consultations that can help you decide on what kinds of locks to get and where they have to be installed to make your property as safe as possible against external threats. 

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